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Gamified community builder
to engage & retain
supporters and volunteers

Our mission is to help communities, movements, and organizations engage more people and empower them to go for sustainable changes.

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Qela is an interactive tool for communities' civic life, social or political campaigns, local, international, and political movements.

We help to get supporters' loyalty by exchanging actions into power.

We uniquely blend task management with gamification and voting to revolutionize interaction. 

The Qela App helps manage, educate, and retain volunteers and donors, reshaping supporters' engagement.

Qela was created for change-makers who want to know about and communicate with their supporters creatively, to have them involved daily, to spread ideas through actions among more and more people. Qela was designed to give each supporter and volunteer a voice and a choice. Inviting them to become co-decision makers and develop talents.


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QELA App is created by campaign managers and movement members for fellows all over the world.


What’s inside

Admin platform for planning and managing community life with campaigns filled with quests

18 quests templates cover the most popular nonviolent activities: from rally and collective work to creative performance and educational quizzes and surveys

Supporters' app with all the organization’s updates and tasks and supporter's profile

Weighted Vote voting system for mutual feedback and policymaking 

Talents system for fun and targeting

Analytics of the overall community’s and everyone’s dynamics

News feed, notifications, users and tasks verification.


Gamification and rewards


Effective campaigning & community growth





Getting feedback

Co-design making


How it works

Turn community life into campaigns with quest series 

Let volunteers and donors choose their "cup of tea" and develop talents 

Involve supporters into co-decision making with survey and voting

Celebrate wins

Use quest templates for supporters' online activity, live actions, learning, feedback, donations, etc. 

Reward them as heroes and share vote power

Improve campaigns on the go based on analytics and targeting


Retain supporters' engagement and motivation, grow your community, and make a difference 

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Qela App Logo Yellow

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