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Supporters Motivation Management App for the Democratic World

Our mission is to help democratic organizations and movements engage more people and empower them to go for sustainable changes.



We combined game mechanics 
with a voting system
for increasing campaigns, movements, and advocacy efficacy.

Qela was created for

change-makers who want to know about and communicate with their supporters better, to have them involved daily, to spread ideas through actions among more and more people.   

Qela was designed to give each supporter and volunteer a voice and a choice. Inviting them to play a role game and vote for changes in the real world. 

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QELA App is created by volunteers 
and movement members
for fellows all over the world.


Tamara Tachynska. Qela App, CEO, co-founder
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Tamara is a marketing and communications strategist and manager. She has a media background as an editor. In the recent decade, she has been working on various projects from health care and politics to education and culture.

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Tamara Tachynska

CEO, co-founder

Max Tikhomirov. Qela App, CIO, co-founder
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Max has 20 years of experience in automating business processes, creating and implementing innovative high-load IT systems in various industries from banking and accounting to pharmaceuticals and local government. Started as a Business Process Development Consultant and built up his expertise with global high-tech solutions in this area.

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Max Tikhomirov

CIO, co-founder

Taras Kolodko. Qela App, Co-founder
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Taras is a serial entrepreneur. Most startups he created and launched were focused on management, education, and staff training. He has extensive experience in behavioral design and the implementation of gamification mechanics.

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Taras Kolodko


Max Parenko. Qela App, PM
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Max is dedicated to creation reliable IT infrastructure for sustainable projects and business development. He is also an experienced RPG player focused on bringing gamification mechanics to engage more people for society transformation. 

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Max Parenko


Ivan Kyrulo. Qela App, .Net developer
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Ivan has expertise in .NET, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and experience with Microsoft development tools, databases, and unit testing. Ivan believes that there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you show enough curiosity.

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Ivan Kyrulo

.Net developer


What’s inside

  • Quests system for creating campaigns where every supporter can choose their suitable role and the task for getting things done

  • Supporters’ screen with person's features and drivers for managing personal/community development

  • Voting system for mutual feedback and policymaking

  • Weighted vote as the highest reward for contribution

  • Leaderboard for personalized appreciation

  • Analytics on the overall community’s and everyone’s dynamics 

  • Notifications, news, GEO ...

How it works

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Change the

real world 

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