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Qela Launches on the App Store and Play Market

Qela, the pioneering gamified platform dedicated to transforming community engagement and supporter retention, is thrilled to announce that our mobile application is now available on both the App Store and Play Market.

Building on the features our users already love from the web service, the Qela mobile app offers enhanced capabilities to engage and connect with your community on-the-go:

  • In-App Push Notifications: Inform your supporters with in-app real-time notifications, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged on-the-go.

  • Easy Community Engagement: Seamlessly interact with your community members anytime, anywhere — all via the mobile app, making it easier than ever to foster meaningful connections, drive participation, and reach your community’s goals.

With the Qela mobile app, you can utilize all available functions to empower your community:

  • Teach: Provide training and share knowledge with your volunteers.

  • Check: Monitor progress and ensure tasks are completed.

  • Coordinate: Organize events and activities efficiently.

  • Take Feedback: Gather and act on input from your community.

  • Make Decisions Together: Collaborate and vote on important issues.

Download the Qela App Today!

About Qela

Qela is at the forefront of gamifying community engagement and supporter retention. By integrating gamification into community building, Qela motivates volunteers and organizations through a dynamic system of rewards and recognition. Our platform combines task management with voting mechanisms, enhancing interactions between supporters and organizational management. This approach not only boosts supporter involvement but also extends engagement time and amplifies fundraising efforts, driving substantial impact.

Join Qela to empower your community and transform actions into meaningful influence.

For more information, visit our website at RelationsQela Inc.Email:


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